Thursday, March 10, 2011

Online Jobs/Work at Home - oDesk Success Stories...

If you need some inspirations and some tips to be successful in the online job field, read these success stories from oDesk...

Jeanne Joy-Mouchs
Jeanne Joy-Mouch is a former magazine art director and web designer who moved to northern Michigan and couldn't match her former earnings in the local market. She says she earns more on oDesk than she could locally, and she relishes the benefits of being her own boss. Despite the flexibility that being an independent contractor offers, Jeanne says sticking to a fairly consistent work schedule is best for her. She also has advice for picking the best jobs to apply for. She looks for employers who seem in their job posts to be the kind of bosses she gets along with. "I check the tone of how they have written something," she says. Of course, she also looks at their payment history, feedback rating and comments from past contractors.

Jeanne Joy-Mouchs
Abdul Hayi Mansoor is an SEO/SEM specialist in Lahore, Pakistan. He works for multiple clients in Australia, the UK, Spain and the United States, and says he logs about 30 hours a week — the majority of his income — through oDesk. "I can sometimes earn in a week what I earned in a month at my [local] job," he says. "One of the main advantages working on oDesk is that you have flexibility. I can work when I want, take off when I want."
What advice would he give to contractors looking to improve their success? Start with your profile, he says. "Without a strong profile," he says, "you're nothing in the online world."

Verena de los Reyes
Verena de los Reyes took her accounting and law degrees out of the corporate and government arenas to become an oDesk contractor. The mother of three now works from her home in Baguio City, the Philippines, as a bookkeeper, researcher, project manager, paralegal and virtual assistant. She started the new year with nearly 1,800 hours on oDesk, and nine active contracts. "I'm getting the same or more income, plus the freedom to have more time with my children," she said. Asked about the secrets to her success, she told us one of the major stumbling blocks in a new remote job:
"A lot of employers doubt the capabilities of someone who is so far from them, from someone they do not seek physically working," she said. "Establishing the trust with the employer is foremost."

Allison Bair
Allison Bair is a young graphic designer who quit the corporate world to open her own design studio, Brown Bair, delivering services through oDesk. The impressive entrepreneur has logged more than 1,300 hours on oDesk in just over two years. "I researched all the different freelance sites. With every one of them, there was something I didn't like until I found oDesk. I started with one client who gave me pretty terrific feedback and it has just snowballed from there." Now the work is coming to her. "Once I landed a couple of jobs, employers were coming to me because I had good feedback scores and an impressive portfolio."
We asked her what's the best thing about working for oDesk. "Right now," she said, "I'm in my pajamas."

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