Saturday, February 19, 2011

Find Writers/Bloggers on Odesk

Are you looking for writers? programmers? virtual assistants? Name it! oDesk can provide you an appropriate freelancer for your every need.

I  have used oDesk multiple times and had great success on every project. For as low as $2 per hour, you can already hire a decent freelancer. Just make sure to assess the skills and experience of the applicants during the interview.

oDesk lets small businesses hire, manage, and pay remote contractors as if they were in their own office. 

With more than 220,000 businesses seeking skilled workers, and 805,000 service providers from over 150 countries, oDesk is changing how the world works. oDesk has thousands of excellent writers and bloggers.

Click on the image to sign-up and choose from the best contractors today:


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